El Moro lays claim as the site of “Durango’s Strangest Shootout.” In January in 1906, Sheriff William Thompson raided the saloon in the midst of a poker game and hastily covered then confiscated a roulette wheel that was also in play. On the sidewalk in front of El Moro, Thompson confronted the city marshal, Jesse Stansel, for his lack of enforcement. The two men exchanged insults and guns were drawn. When the smoke cleared Sheriff Thompson was dead and Marshal Stansel was injured. At Stansel’s court trial, eyewitnesses gave conflicting reports of who drew and who fired first and whether or not drinking was involved. The marshal was acquitted.


El Moro Spirits and Tavern looks to provide an unmatched experience that leaves guests eager to return.

Unique CulinaryOptions

The staff’s food and beverage compatibility knowledge is surpassed by very few in town, thus the restaurant will highlight this total dining experience.

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The name “El Moro” also reflects Durango’s history, as in the early 1900s, 945 Main Ave. (the restaurant’s address) truly was the El Moro Saloon.